We at Shade Tree Sauce Company are proud to introduce you to the wonderful versatility that is Gunshot Sauce®.  From its rather rural beginnings to its recent rediscovery and current gourmet appeal, this is by far the most useful sauce you’re likely to ever encounter.

Inspired by Grampa Wilford, Gunshot  Sauce® is a savory, ALL NATURAL, vinegar-based, gourmet sauce tailor made to enhance the flavor of a multitude of culinary creations.  Grampa Wilford, a colorful country tobacco farmer and BBQ enthusiast, earned quite a reputation for smoking some of the best pork shoulders around.  But his technique was far from conventional.  Assisted by his old 12-gauge, he would pack home-made shotgun shells with his secret sauce and shoot the shoulders full of intense flavor and spice as they slowly smoked to perfection.  Every mouth in earshot would water whenever Gunshots rang out from Grampa Wilford’s farm.  And while delicious on all kinds of pork BBQ, you’d be surprised how many delectable uses there are for this remarkable sauce.

Staying true to Grampa Wilford’s original recipe, GUNSHOT Sauce® returns your taste buds to yesteryear, to a time when flavor was full, preservatives were natural, and worries were few. In short, an era when food was neither artificially preserved nor chemically enhanced. With apple cider vinegar as its sole natural preservative, combined with a unique blend of spices, this gourmet flavoring sauce brings just enough warmth and flavor to the table to truly ‘season’ your meal to perfection without overpowering your palate or attempting to burn your taste buds into submission.

What makes this sauce so special is its versatility. For starters it is incredible with pork, beef, chicken, fish, turkey, and even wild game. And whether GUNSHOT Sauce® is used before cooking as a marinade, a basting sauce while cooking, or a dipping sauce to complement your creation, GUNSHOT Sauce® exceeds all expectations and will leave your palate begging for more.

But that’s not all.  This unique sauce also serves as a light and refreshing salad dressing and an incredible accompaniment to every style of egg (deviled, poached, fried, scrambled, etc.). GUNSHOT Sauce® is a wonderful addition to  chicken salad, coleslaw or potato salad and a flavorful enhancement to soups and chili, grilled pineapple, casseroles, humus, hash browns, and the list goes on. Further,  at only 10 calories and 2g Carbohydrates per Tbsp and 100% Fat, Gluten, AND Cholesterol Free, it makes a delicious diet-friendly shot of flavor as a topping for salads, popcorn, steamed veggies, tofu, frozen dinners,…

From our family to yours, we think you’ll agree, this sauce is truly one of a kind and a most welcome addition to your kitchen.


Will, Arlene and Trista, our new addition