Tasting Events Help Spread the Flavor of Gunshot Sauce

Tasting events are the best way to get the ‘taste out’ about Gunshot Sauce, which is why Will had held tasting at a few Food City stores over the last few weeks.

“These events are the best opportunity for shoppers to taste this versatile and savory new product in a variety of ways,” Will said. “Shoppers also hear firsthand about the colorful history behind the sauce, and get answers to any questions that might come up.  I only wish there were more of me to go around so I could do more tastings and introduce new taste buds to
this awesome sauce.”

The good news is most shoppers are quite receptive. “Most folks are quite curious and open to trying new things,” Will said. “I also get quite a few folks who rush up to my table telling me they saw the sauce on TV and can’t wait to give it a taste.”


Food City corporate in Abingdon and local store management has been supportive as well. The Morrell Road store even created a sign to let everyone coming in the store know I was offering Gunshot Sauce tastings. Will said it was a very nice touch and totally unexpected.

The next opportunity for tasting Gunshot Sauce will take place from 3-7 p.m. on Thursday, August 21, at the Food City at the intersection of Chapman Highway and John Sevier Highway in South Knoxville.

“I thoroughly enjoy conducting these tastings and introducing new folks to Gunshot Sauce,” Will added. “Seeing the look on someone’s face the first time they try a Gunshot meatball never gets old.”



Check us out on “Live at Five at Four” for a great recipe.

Please enjoy our first televised demonstration illustrating one of the many easy and delicious Gunshot Sauce recipes. After shooting the segment, which was at the tail end of the show, the crew gobbled up just about all the prepared pulled pork we brought. It was a great experience and we’ll look forward to hopefully doing another spot in the next couple of months.




Looking for a Gluten Free, Cholesterol Free and low calorie sauce?

Our  unique sauce also serves as a light and refreshing salad dressing and an incredible accompaniment to every style of egg (deviled, poached, fried, scrambled, etc.). GUNSHOT Sauce® is a wonderful addition to  chicken salad, coleslaw or potato salad and a flavorful enhancement to soups and chili, grilled pineapple, casseroles, humus, hash browns, and the list goes on. Further,  at only 10 calories and 2g Carbohydrates per Tbsp and 100% Fat, Gluten, AND Cholesterol Free, it makes a delicious diet-friendly shot of flavor as a topping for salads, popcorn, steamed veggies, tofu, frozen dinners and more.